I wish I could fuck all of you ítil you see
                     I donít need your mercyfuck sympathy
                                       --Mary Prankster

When Kurt Cobain died,
They said: "He had a beautiful heart,"
And they called him
A "musical messiah" of today's
Alienated youth,
Building a shrine to him in Seattle.
And, of course, some folks got rich
Off Kurt's death (as they often do),
But it's better not to talk about it,
For some folks don't really want
To change this world (are you crazy, man?)--
There is too much at stake--
Yes, equality and justice are very nice, indeed,
But what about all those beautiful cars,
All those smiling beautiful girls,
And the mansions, and those millions of dollars?--
No, better hope for salvation
In another world.
So they take all those Yoga lessons,
All this Tantric masturbation
That they practice daily on the floor--
Breathing properly is important
Before you fuck--
And they play their Yanni CD's,
For they're much more relaxing
Than all that stupid Nirvana music,
That only gives them a headache,
And hope that the world turns less violent.

When Kurt Cobain died,
They made a martyr out of him,
Whose spirit hovers above
Their beautiful homes
In some grunge rock heaven,
While they all say: "We love you, Kurt."
And the world carries on
The way it always does
With the VH1's reruns of "Porn to Rock"
(Or is it "Born to Fuck"?)
And they'll probably make another movie--
A real blockbuster--
Called "Gang Bang 2000",
Featuring two thousand losers,
Pounding their anonymous cocks
Into a female porn superstar,
Drowning in the ocean of sperm.
And the Bloodhound Gang will sing:

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

When Kurt Cobain died,
It made no fucking difference
In the lives of today's youth
Who wants a real change
And not some fucking charity concert.

                                                           November 5, 2000
                                                        --Alexander Shaumyan