Even better than
                                                                   the real thing.
There's a poser in you, there's a poser in me,
Everyone turns a poser eventually.

You get up in the morning, give yourself a new name,
You're the "New Democrat", but it's only a game.
Every pose is fresh, every posture is new,
Every line, every form, every shade, every hue,
And the yesterday's rebels turned corporate lambs--
Were they tripping on acid? Did they learn from Vietnam?

Once you stank of manure, now you smell like a rose,
Are you wearing a tie or a ring in your nose?
Are you fighting for everyone's cause but your own?
What's your pose today? Do you feel all alone?
Can you feel something real? Does it all seem the same?
Are you tired of postures, faces and names?
Are you tired of labels, fashions and trends?
Are you tired of all of your posing friends?

Scream, my friend, really loud in this world full of lies!
They have sold you a T-shirt and called it the sky,
They have sold you a billboard and called it a dream,
Scream, my friend, really loud!
Scream, my friend, really scream!
They have sold you a cage, they have made you a star,
But your stardom is worthless, they stole your heart.

Let the god-fearing Christians keep their "truth",
Let the horny evangelists consult Dr. Ruth,
I'm tired of all of the posers today,
Selling justice and love when they want to get laid,
Selling Pepsi and peace when they want to get paid,
Selling sex, selling stars, selling God, selling trees,
Let the god-fearing Christians get down on their knees,
Let them pray really hard, let them pray really long
To the posing priests singing heavenly songs:

   "Hallelujah, sweet Jesus, praise the Lord up above,
    You sold out your soul, you sold out your love!"

                                                              July 19, 1993
                                                         --Alexander Shaumyan