One sunny day I dreamt
I saw a world of pure light--
the purest light that danced inside
my heart and poured upon
the city streets with joy...
One sunny day I dreamt
I saw my love, her smile
upon me like a gentle wind,
somewhere beyond the lonely
shopping malls, beyond
the hungry beggars stooping
dazed and staring at the vulgar
wealth that burns the eyes...
One sunny day I dreamt a paradise!
And then I laughed a very silly
laugh that burst inside me
like a flock of birds that
seemed like people arguing inside
about vacuum cleaners, underwear,
cars, recession, pimples, prices,
and old wars...
One sunny day I dreamt my tears
were like precious gems inside
each living room and bedroom on
display, available to all at no cost!
One sunny day I was a poet lost,
directing all the traffic on
the streets with nothing but
my eyes...
One day--one lonely sunny day--
I dreamt I saw you, darling,
in this sea of lies
where everything is safe
and guaranteed, where
everything is sold to
satisfy your every wish
and need--whether you
need it or you need it not,
it doesn't matter much...
One sunny day I dreamt
I felt your touch that woke
me up to write this childish song...
I looked for you, my love, but you were gone.

                                                            June 14, 1991
                                                        --Alexander Shaumyan