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Jung-Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Understanding Your Personality

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Would you like to learn more about your personality type? I knew for a long time that I was INFJ (or The Protector) but I wasn't sure what it really meant. I've been studying personality types and personality disorders and I found many interesting insights. If you have five minutes to take this short test, you might understand your personality better. A personality type is our modus operandi, defined by four psychological dimensions -- our attitude with respect to our outer and inner world (inner directed or outer directed), our way of processing information (sensing or intuiting), our way of making value judgments (based on reason or emotion), and our lifestyle (structured or spontaneous). A personality type is our basic way of approaching the world -- as we get older, we become more and more integrated in making use of all of our psychological functions. Psychological types are not the same thing as psychological disorder, though some types are more prone to developing specific forms of personality disorders. Personality disorders are usually related to some traumatic events and dysfunctional family dynamics. A personality disorder can be destructive both for the individual who has it and for the people around him (or her). Personality types are our individual personal lifestyles, which show both our strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your personality and other people's personality can help in relationships, career choices and personal and spiritual growth. I did some online search and found HaleOnline's short test a good way of trying to assess your specific personality type. I hope you make use of the insights gained from knowing your type to understand yourself, your goals and your relationships.

You can take a Personality Questionnaire at PersonalityPage.Com. It will cost you $5 to get a password, but you will get more accurate results.

Here are some free online tests to determine your personality type: Click on the links to learn more about yourself and others.