Graduate Students at the Patterson Office Tower 706, April 2001

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From left to right: Dilek Alagoz (from Turkey), Sergio Estrada (visiting student from Spain),
Alex Shaumyan, Matt Ragland, Leonard Hoffnung (aka Ziggy), Holly Boone.

NOTE:  Ziggy wrote a haiku for The Numerical Analysis Haiku Project, which inspired
my recent haiku International Haiku on Mediocrity  that I wrote on April 18, 2001.
Here's the original haiku that Ziggy wrote:

Ah, Lanczos method
My advisor loves it so
But is it useful?

Giving an Exam in Business Calculus with Pat Quillen,
Biological Sciences Building, November 2000

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NOTE:  Pat Quillen--a numerical linear algebra enthusiast and a trombone player--
also participated in The Numerical Analysis Haiku Project.  Here's a haiku by Pat:

Gracious Chebyshev!
Your polynomials help
elucidate bounds!

Graduate Students at Dr. Leep's Seminar on P-adic Numbers, July 2000

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From left to right:  Ivan S Artiouchine, Matt Menzel, Ian Winokur, Dr. David Leep, Jack Schmidt,
Matt Ragland, Alex Shaumyan, David Zimmerman, Mark Motley, Todorka Nedeva.

NOTE:  Ivan Artiouchine wrote this haiku during a tedious lecture by Dr. Russell Brown in harmonic analysis:

I could not care less
that is compactly supported,
for the skies are gray.

At the Graduate Student Orientation, Math Sciences Inslab,
Classroom Building 313, August 1998

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This is a picture of me taken during the graduate student orientation at the
Math Sciences Instructional Laboratory (Inslab) in the Classroom Building 313.
In the background (from left to right):  Holly Boone, Matt Menzel, Kelly McKenzie.

I would like to conclude this montage with the final haiku:

On this lonely path
The wind, my sole companion--
My refuge, the sea.

October 7, 1999
--Alexander Shaumyan



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