Our minds were drifting
As we stood there drunk
With all the world,
The all-embracing wind,
And our thoughts
Were radiant like the sun,
As we kept breathing out
And breathing in
The life in all its
Playfulness and thrill--
Our minds were drifting,
Drifting through the hills
That followed winding roads,
Lakes and streams,
And you were young
And lovely like a dream
That shone like the moon
Inside my eyes--
Yes, we were young,
Our home was the sky
And our occupation
Was to be
Just as we are--
Directionless and lost--
Our minds were drifting
As we stood engrossed
In one another,
When each moment seemed
To last eternity--
Our breaths, our lips
Were interlaced
In perfect tenderness--
Yes, these
Were the only things
That mattered then...
Which now seem
Only absurd and pointless.

                            July 23, 1995
                       --Alexander Shaumyan