O God, I could never create anything as beautiful
                                                                       as a flower,
And I could never create anything like a Woman,
And I could never sing like a bird,
And I have no wings,
But I can kiss the Earth, breathing Love into
            this once infertile soil,
And I can make this paper into music,
O God, Blessed be the song of a little piper
    who plays his silver pipe on a distant mountain
        for only the sheep to hear,
Bring this warlike Mind to peace,
Bring it joy, O God, O the Soul of the Universe,
That all the selves may merge into One,
Release this world from its divisive misery,
Join me in this song, in the celebration of the One,
Neither separate, nor united,
Filling the world with the Ever-Present Love,
Make me a bee, O God, make me a fresh, sparkling
Flowing rhythmically on this page of Silence,                e
Watching my breath, the breath of Life,                             r
the breath of the One, the breath of the Ocean,                    f
In this strange town called New Haven,                                  a
Sitting by an electronic typewriter,                                             l
Sucking on my pen,                                                                      l,
Dancing to the sound of my heartbeat,
Listening, listening, listening,
As You call me!

                                                                May 5, 1987
                                                            --Alexander Shaumyan