Thinking of Math and Her

Loneliness makes itself
known, as I wonder what
she is doing tonight.
Is she thinking of me,
of having no one to
touch her?  I do not
know what she's really
thinking, but I'm thinking
how much I really
miss her legs and her
breasts and how warm
she feels underneath
her robe.  

And I realize how much
I miss her being next to me,
feeling her legs brush
against mine, feeling
her belly against my hand,
feeling her wetness
and desire.

Loneliness makes itself
known, as I try to get my
mind to think of other
things, perhaps some
theorem in mathematics,
but there she goes again,
interrupting my train
of thought.
She enters the equation
and everything goes haywire,
as I look at the blank paper
and it looks right back at me.
And I know that it's her
that was missing from the
summation.  And so I count
again and again...
as she enters my mind
even lovelier than before.
And for that moment I feel
truly alive.
                           September 8, 2004
                        --Alexander Shaumyan