She Storms My Brain

She storms my brain
in psychedelic colors
and discordant rhythms,
leaving me breathless
as I explore new shapes
and forms of knowing.

Like Lucy in the sky
and Marijane--
she storms my brain--
my strange new flower
with feverish bright petals
that leave me mystified.

She dances to the synesthetic
music of red and orange
notes that I can taste upon
my tongue, laughing like
a transparent angel
in a warm summer rain--
yes, there she goes again
storming my brain.

And I have no way of knowing
where I am or where I'll be--
I just come out deranged
and beautiful, smiling like
the sun.  And she...
Well, she just laughs at me
and storms my brain.

                                        October 21, 2004
                                      --Alexander Shaumyan