Our Love  (for Teresa)

Our love cannot be measured
By these precious gems and gold,
Our love's the greatest treasure--
Young, exuberant and bold.

Our love is always here,
In these stars, these fields of blooms,
Our love casts out all fear,
Burning bright above all gloom.

It defies all the naysayers,
Who predict the end of time,
Our love's a silent prayer,
Our love is grace divine.

Our love brings joy and laughter
To the cold and lifeless hearts,
That await some hereafter--
Our love is where we are.

Our love's what really matters
In this barren land where dreams
Lie forgotten, lost and scattered
By the people turned machines.

Our love's the greatest story
That was never really told,
Our love is heaven's glory,
Our love is never old.

Our love is always here,
Bringing beauty, joy and peace--
Our love is always near
In these rocks, these lakes, these trees.

Our love is what we share,
Our love is what we are,
Our eyes, our lips, our hair--
Our inner shining star!

                                  May 1, 2004
                              --Alexander Shaumyan