New Poems

If Only
Requiem for a Millennium
International Haiku on Mediocrity
With Years
Revolt of the Villagers
Phenomenal Misfit
America, I sing that you may rise...
The Day of Reckoning
Back to theBasics
Rasta Revolution
For Woody
The SunWoke Me Up...
For Lori Lynn
I've Finally Revealed Myself
A Harp Player
My 40th Birthday
Writer's Block
Café de Nuit
A Higher Way
A Love Song
Apple of Discord
The Healing Wind
My WildDarling
A Gift
On Debating
Love in Cyberspace
To Folks Without a Sense of Humor
I've Had Enough of Adulation
Let It Rain
A Boyat the Beach
Through the Eyes of Love
Rich Tapestry of Death
Tonight I Feel My Heart Once More Can Sing
Messenger of Love
Whether in War or in Peace, My Love
United We Spend
Thinking About Bombay
Take ThisWar and Shove It
My Love Is Silent Like the Sea
The Evening Spreads Itself Upon the Streets
Killing People to Save People
PlaceWhere Light Is
Poetry Reading at Rye, New York
Just Be Happy I Don't Have a Twin
Ode to a Cup
Spoken Word Revolutionary
An Inscription on a Poet's Tombstone
Error: Missing Shell32.dll File
There Once Lived a Man in Virginia
Fat Women and Their Deranged Men
The King of Trash Poetry
What Is aPoet?
The Show
Death of Weldon Kees
Not Ready Reading Poet X: Abort, Retry, Fail?
Postmodern Chicken
I  See the Old Year Slip Away
War Is Staged Murder
Walking in Darkness
The World Collapsed
Don't  Follow Anyone
Do You Remember?
He Held Her Close
Our Love
In  Memory of Paul Shanahan
I Love You (forTeresa)
Angel of Sobriety (New)
For Teresa (New)
A Man Can Only Do So Much (New)
I  Dream of Teresa (New)
This Night (New)
Denne natten (in Norwegian)
Take This Pain and Let It Fly (New)
And Should I Say? (New)
An Acrostic (New)
The Song ofYes (New)
The World's Asleep (New)
Thinking of Math and Her (New)
When I Think of You (New)
Anyone Who Dares to Be, Can Never Be Weak (New)
For Natércia (New)
A Poet's Prayer (New)
A Beautiful Day (New)
Anarchy Is For Lovers (New)
The Old  Equation (New)
She Storms My Brain (New)
Siren's Dance (New)



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