A pep talk for our troops in Iraq  
Some tracers are yellow,
Some tracers are red.
Soon the war will be over,
Saddam will be dead.
George Bush will give freedom
To the people of Iraq.
How many will die for it?
Who gives a fuck!
For men are  like grass:
More you cut -- more they grow,
It will be so good
For our wonderful Dow
Jones Industrial average,
Yours and mine pension plans,
We'll have  cheap gas aplenty
For our oversized vans,
Fuel for planes, fuel for tanks,
Fuel for ships, oil for heat.
You say what? Global warming?
Oh, who gives a shit!
Let us live for today,
Let the world go to hell,
Let them preach, let them scream,
Let them sob, let them yell.
We have power -- we rule,
We don't care, let them suck
Our dicks, we'll enjoy it,
We don't give a fuck!

                                  --Michael Livshits